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All About Danner Snake Proof Boots

Though Danner snake boots are first and foremost designed and manufactured to prevent snake fangs from penetrating into the foot, ankle, or lower leg of  a hunter or a hiker, these boots exhibit a level of pride and craftsmanship that makes these boots versatile in virtually any wilderness territory, regardless of whether or not there are snakes present.  The upfront costs for Danner snake boots are high, but when they are extended over the length of the life of the boot, the initial price really does represent a long-term investment.  Many Danner snake boots start in the $200 range, but if the boot serves its owner for 5 or 10 years, then they really are worth their money.  Aside from that, Danner snake proof boots need only stop one snake bite to pay for themselves in pain and medical expenses incurred by a venomous snake bite.

Traditionally the majority of all snake bites occur below the knees, so the first thing Danner snake boots provide is an 18-inch guard from knee to toe protection.  Nylon, leather, and Gore-tex are the three main components of Danner snake boots.  For hunters, the leather is dyed in camouflage.  Since the leather is dyed through and through, the camouflage will not scuff or wear off.  The Gore-tex provides that excellent breathable, waterproof protection that has virtually become the industry standard in protecting against sweat and moisture.  The foot of the boot is designed to achieve an athletic feel, with a deep padded insole to prevent the pain of breaking the boots in.

While these boots are near perfect by many standards, the customer reviews tell all.  These reviews can be vital in securing or detracting potential customers.  Though Danner snake boots perform well in a variety of terrain and water conditions, consumers will still call it as they see it.  One common complaint about the Danner snake boots is that they are not completely waterproof.  With the amount of flex and mobility provided around the ankles it is speculated that water can seep through around the ankles.  Women face the common problem of sizing issues, especially if their legs are slender from the knee down.  Perhaps the loudest complaint, and something that is a consideration for some, is that these boots are manufactured in China, not the USA.

Knowing that not everyone will have the luck of buying the perfect boot on their first attempt, Danner does provide a simple return policy if the boots are not a good fit, and their boots do come with a warranty.  The bottom line is that Danner snake boots have a reputation of providing good support with good flexibility, and building a boot that can stand to a variety of rugged, outdoor terrains.

What Are Mossy Oak Snake Boots?

While Mossy Oak Snake Boots may sound like a particular brand name, the Mossy Oak actually refers to the pattern of camouflage offered with the boots.  Lacrosse, Danner, Rocky, and Talone are some of the snake proof boot brand names that carry Mossy Oak snake boots pattern, and Mossy Oak provides a variety of camouflage patterns.  There are many different methods of locating these boots.  Direct from a manufacturer’s website, online shopping hubs, online auctions sites, or retailers both online and in-store will likely carry some variety of the Mossy Oak pattern in Mossy Oak snake boots.

Mossy Oak provides several different types of camouflage fabric, aside from what is offered with Mossy Oak snake boots.  Often times, the breakup pattern is associated with snake boots provided by Danner, Lacrosse, Rocky, or Talone.  In shopping for snake boots, the camouflage pattern is simply one criteria in determining which brand and model of snake boot to settle on.  For people simply hiking through snake territory, camouflage is not likely to rank highly on their list of criteria since the rest of the clothing may not be camouflaged.  For hunters, this may rank quite highly.

The Mossy Oak breakup pattern emerged in 1996, and as printing technologies and computer enhancements have advanced, so too has the quality of the camouflage.  Computer technology has remarkably improved the digitally created backgrounds including bark, leaves, oak branches, and ghost shadows.  Advances in printing technology have translated these enhancements into realistic, three-dimensional illusions on two-dimensional fabric.

Because the Mossy Oak camouflage pattern caters to hunters, Mossy Oak snake boots can often be found with other features that cater to a hunter’s needs of remaining undetected.  First off, the soles of the boots are specifically engineered to dampen sound, to improve the effectiveness of stalking prey.  Another unique feature is fabric that is designed to block distinctly human scents.  Features are included to prevent excessive sweating, the cause of odor-forming bacteria.  The best of these Mossy Oak snake boots will be waterproof, and like other high quality snake proof boots provide high-length protection, flexibility in the ankles, and padded insoles to provide foot comfort for hours of extended use.

Pro Line Snake Proof Boot Review

With many features becoming commonplace in snake proof boots, perhaps the most definable differences between Pro Line Snake Boots and other snake boot manufacturers are the cut of the boot (how it feels) and the starting price.  Any reasonable pair of snake boots is expected to be completely snake proof, completely waterproof, likely camouflaged, and has a thick, rubber sole for plenty of traction.

For starters, Pro Line offers a 100% guarantee that their boots labeled snake proof are indeed snake proof.  Free from manufacturer defect has to be a given.  Like many other snake proof boots, Pro Line Snake Boots are also completely waterproof and are constructed with a combination of nylon and leather.  Using more nylon in the boot, especially for the camouflaged material lends itself to a lower cost, starting around $100.  Pro Line Snake Boots such as the Talon Winchester protect a height up to 16 inches.  This height is generally sufficient to protect against virtually any snake attack, since the majority of bites occur below the knees.

Pro Line Snake Boots attempt to strike that fine balance between reasonable comfort and reasonable cost, and aim for the middle road.  Speaking in terms of snake proof boots for hunting, there are other brands providing a better product.  In terms of snake proof boots that still look fashionable, there are still other brands that provide a more stylish boot.  With a greater degree of specialization comes a greater increase in price.  Pro Line Snake Boots can keep their prices lower by providing a decent, waterproof, snake proof boot that isn’t the fanciest or the flashiest on the market.

No matter what brand of snake proof boots are being looked at, a few considerations can be applied universally.  First, try the boots on in a store, or find an internet seller that is willing to exchange the boots if the wrong size is selected.  Remember in sizing to try the boots on with the same type of socks that will typically be worn.  Women may have a difficult time finding a good fit, since many boot manufacturers carry only men’s sizes.  The second thing to keep in mind is the warranty.  While snake proof boots will likely remain snake proof, other defects may emerge such as bad seams that cause an otherwise waterproof boot to leak.  Like many other types of purchases, determining the quality of snake proof boots is a matter of personal taste, and Pro Line snake boots may strike the balance between quality and cost to make for a good pair of snake boots.

Irish Setter Snake Boot Review

Because the Irish Setter line of shoes encompasses a wide range of shoes and boots from casual, to hiking, to hunting, Irish Setter Snake Boots are sometimes overlooked.  The fact of the matter is that Irish Setter does put out a number of snake proof boots popular by hunters, as the boots provide several features that appeal to everything a hunter needs in a boot in addition to providing the fang-stopping protection required from the knee-down while taking a stroll through snake territory.

Irish Setter Snake Boots have carved out a niche for themselves by providing excellent snake proof hunting boots.  Though there are several styles to choose from, they all provide the same basic features in a slightly different package.  First and foremost, these boots protect to the standard height of 16 to 17 inches.  Though weight naturally varies by the by the boot size, it basically averages out to about 5 pounds per pair.  Irish Setter Snake Boots are made with the same materials leading the industry standard; nylon, leather, and waterproof membranes.

With a height of up to 17 inches to cover, Irish Setter provides both zip-up and lace-up snake boots, with both having their advantages and disadvantages.  The zip-up variety of snake boot provides the comfortable assurance of easy on, easy off.  The drawback is that it cannot provide the same support as a lace-up boots.  On the flip side, lace-up boots provide better ankle support which can be essential in more rugged terrain, but can be a bit more cumbersome to take on and off.

Several features of Irish Setter Snake boots are included in their brands to better accommodate hunters.  Any more waterproofing is the industry standard.  The price of walking around in wet socks is shredded feet.  But water isn’t the only thing a hunter has to be concerned with.  Standing, hiking, and stalking all day in a pair of Irish Setter snake proof boots is going to cause the feet to sweat.  These boots are constructed with an inner mesh lining intended to wick moisture away from the boot.  The boots are also treated with a scent block, to be sure that animals can’t smell the hunter from the sweat of his feet.

Many hunters are grateful to have a good pair of snake proof boots, even if they’ve never had a snake encounter.  It is not safe to assume that snakes will leave an area when they encounter people, and not all snakes announce their presence with an audible rattle.  While remaining alert is prudent, this prudence will not always be enough to prevent every snake encounter.  A good pair of snake proof boots like Irish Setter snake boots can help in determining a better (and safer) outcome for the hunter in a snake encounter.

Rocky Snake Boots Review

Rocky Snake Boots might be considered one of the small companies, but their recent development of of nearly twenty different types and styles of snake proof boots also puts them up there as one of the larger manufacturers, as well.  This ability to have the quality that many of the smaller companies swear by along with large manufacturing numbers gives this company the ability to really grab a good chunk of the market and serve a wide range of customers.  One of the things that instantly stands out about Rocky Snake Proof Boots compared to many of their competitors is that they make these protective pieces of clothing for men, women, and youth.  Many companies focus only on men, while others also make ladies snake boots but ignore youth.

The second piece of information that jumps out immediately when it comes to these types of boots is that Rocky doesn’t stick with only one line.  As of 2011 there were already three major lines, or “sub-styles” of Rocky snake boots that were worth checking out by the general public.  Those three are:

  • Rocky Striker Snake Boots (example would be the first photo in this post)
  • Rocky Aztec Snake Boots
  • Rocky Mossy Oak Snake Boots

Some more lines are in the making, but even for a company like Rocky to already have three distinctive and specialized lines in addition to their mainstream offerings definitely shows a conscious movement towards becoming one of the big names in this particular field.  Even better for these boots and the company that produces them is the consistently high ratings that many of these boots receive from trusted websites and consumers alike.  For example, from the informational site you find that among the hunters who use these boots a ranking of 4.5/5 with have the users giving it a 4 and half giving it a 5 as of this writing.  That’s an excellent measurement of how popular these protective snake proof boots are and gives a good indication of why Rocky Snake Boots are catching up to the big boys like LaCrosse and Chippewa in the outdoors market.  Add in the positive support from Amazon reviews and it’s easy to see why these do well.

Rocky snake boots offer excellent protection and a wide variety of styles for men, women, and youth which makes them pretty tough competitors in the marketplace.  Add in the durability and the Mossy Oak designs which are often camouflaged are perfect for hunters who need to blend in with their surroundings in addition to enjoying the protection that these pieces of clothing have to offer.