Rocky Snake Proof Boots Review: A Great Hunting Boot Option

Rocky Snake Proof Boots Review: A Great Hunting Boot Option

Popular Rocky Hunting Boots
One of the more popular styles of Rocky Snake Proof Hunting Boots, the Prolight style. Click HERE to checkout on

Rocky Snake Boots might be considered one of the small companies, but their recent development of of nearly twenty different types and styles of snake proof boots also puts them up there as one of the larger manufacturers, as well.  In other words, they’re not putting a single toe into the water as far as providing hunters with a wide variety of ideal footwear that is perfect not only for hunting in wetlands and forests where there might be a strong venomous snake population, but they have gone all out in making sure their reputation for quality stays high while surging to be mentioned among Lacrosse and Chippewa as some of the biggest names in snake proof boots.

While Rocky Snake Boots might not be able to compete with the marketing of the famous Chippewa Snake Boot testing video, however they have done an exceptional job of getting their name out there and making a name for themselves in this nice. It actually wasn’t that long ago that they were a distant third when it came to well known providers for this specific type of hunting boot however because of their outstanding manufacturing and production work, they are widely known and heavily considered among the big three, right shoulder to shoulder with Chippewa and Lacrosse…and maybe even the best overall company of the three!

Looking at how Rocky boots have made their big impact

Rocky survived as a smaller player at first because they had the ability to quickly create extremely high quality hunting boots and to produce them in large manufacturing numbers gave them the ability to quickly grow and to then grab their fair share of the market in order to serve a wide range of customers. One of the things that instantly stands out about Rocky Snake Proof Boots compared to many of their competitors is that they make these protective pieces of clothing for men, women, and youth.  Many companies focus only on men, while others also make ladies snake boots but ignore youth. When looking at proper snake protection for people of all ages, there’s no question that the Rocky Boots company is definitely the one to look at.

The second piece of information that jumps out immediately when it comes to these types of boots is that Rocky doesn’t stick with only one line.  As of 2015 there were already multiple major lines, or “sub-styles” of Rocky snake boots that were worth checking out by the general public.  Just a small sample of those various lines and styles of this popular hunting footwear includes:

  • Rocky Striker Snake Boots
  • Rocky Prolight Snake Proof Hunting Boots (great example would be the opening picture of this post)
  • Rocky Aztec Snake Boots
  • Rocky Lynx Snake Hunting Boots
  • Rocky Mossy Oak Snake Boots

Some more lines are in the making, but even for a company like Rocky to already have three distinctive and specialized lines in addition to their mainstream offerings definitely shows a conscious movement towards becoming one of the big names in this particular field.

Rocky Lynx Snake Boots
Great example of the popular Rocky Lynx line of anti-snake bite hunting boots. Click HERE to see more on

Even better for these boots and the company that produces them is the consistently high ratings that many of these boots receive from trusted websites and consumers alike.  For example, from the informational site you find that among the hunters who use these boots a ranking of 4.5/5 with have the users giving it a 4 and half giving it a 5 as of this writing.

That’s an excellent measurement of how popular these protective snake proof boots are and gives a good indication of why Rocky Snake Boots are catching up to the big boys like LaCrosse and Chippewa in the outdoors market.  Add in the positive support from Amazon reviews and it’s easy to see why this footwear does so wear. There aren’t many hunting boots out there that offer great snake protection to boot and when you add in fantastic design, comfort, and an ability to last one hunting season after another through rough terrain, and you have a winning combination!

There’s plenty more to Rocky hunting boots

Those five different styles of Rocky Snake Proof Boots mentioned earlier don’t even begin to cover all the various different options available. There are many different specific pairs of boots that don’t necessarily fall under any of these specific sub-types of  boots but stand alone as another design and another example of exceptional camouflaged hunting boots that still provide full protection against snake bites. This variety helps ensure that no matter what the style or preference of the outdoor specialists in your life, there is a version of Rocky’s anti snake boots that will protect them and match every single need.

Rocky snake boots offer excellent protection and a wide variety of styles for men, women, and youth which makes them pretty tough competitors in the marketplace.  Add in the durability and the Mossy Oak designs which are often camouflaged are perfect for hunters who need to blend in with their surroundings in addition to enjoying the protection that these pieces of clothing have to offer.

In Conclusion

There is no shortage of options when it comes to finding protective footwear from the Rocky boot company. Whether you’re a hunter looking to protect your own legs and health before the next season or looking to shop for a loved one to give them that level of protection, Rocky Snake Boots should be near the top of your list of the best possible snake proof hunting boots on the market.

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