Pro Line Snake Boots Review: What You Should Know

Pro Line Snake Boots Review: What You Should Know

Pro Line Snake Boots
One of the best Pro Line snake boot models: the reaper side zip snake boot.

With many features becoming commonplace in snake proof boots, perhaps the most definable differences between Pro Line Snake Boots and other snake boot manufacturers are the cut of the boot (how it feels) and the starting price.  Any reasonable pair of snake boots is expected to be completely snake proof, completely waterproof, likely camouflaged, and has a thick, rubber sole for plenty of traction.

For starters, Pro Line offers a  that their boots labeled snake proof are indeed snake proof.  Free from manufacturer defect has to be a given.  Like many other snake proof boots, Pro Line Snake Boots are also completely waterproof and are constructed with a combination of nylon and leather.  Using more nylon in the boot, especially for the camouflaged material lends itself to a lower cost, starting around $100.  The Reaper Side Zip Snake Boot (click HERE to see it on Amazon) is one of the finest models that any hunter can buy, and the Talon Winchester is a similar model that offers to protect a height up to 16 inches.  This height is generally more than enough to protect against virtually any snake attack, since the far majority of venomous snake bites occur below the knees.

So just what sets Pro Line apart from the competition?

Pro Line Snake Boots attempt to strike that fine balance between reasonable comfort and reasonable cost, and aim for the middle road.  Speaking in terms of snake proof boots for hunting, there are other brands providing a better product.  In terms of snake proof boots that still look fashionable, there are still other brands that provide a more stylish boot.  With a greater degree of specialization comes a greater increase in price.

Pro Line might appear a touch pricey at first, but when you compare it to many other snake boots it actually ends up being pretty middle of the road. They can keep their prices lower by providing a decent, waterproof, snake proof boot that isn’t the fanciest or the flashiest on the market but it is stunningly effective as a hunting boot, which is what matters the most. This is especially true for swamp and wetland type areas.

In other words, if you’re hunting during a dry spell in the Rocky Mountains then this might not be the best boot since the rubber is more of a base design for wetlands. Other padded designs work better in those situations, like the type you might find designed by Danner boots, instead. However, even Danner is going to struggle with Pro Line when it comes to creating outstanding hunting boots for turkey hunting in the South, or pheasants in Midwestern wetlands.

What you should remember about snake proof boots

No matter what brand of snake proof boots are being looked at, a few considerations can be applied universally.  First, try the boots on in a store, or find an internet seller that is willing to exchange the boots if the wrong size is selected.  Remember in sizing to try the boots on with the same type of socks that will typically be worn.  Women may have a difficult time finding a good fit, since many boot manufacturers carry only men’s sizes.

The second thing to keep in mind is the warranty.  While snake proof boots will likely remain snake proof, other defects may emerge such as bad seams that cause an otherwise waterproof boot to leak.  Like many other types of purchases, determining the quality of snake proof boots is a matter of personal taste, and Pro Line snake boots may strike the balance between quality and cost to make for a good pair that will work reliably for most hunters during hunting season – however taking all the extra steps to make sure they’re a good fit is important.

Any hunter who has gone out with boots that were too tight, too loose, or not warm enough (or not waterproof) understands the unpleasantness and the consequences that come with not having the right pair of boots. Do a little bit of research and see if any of these particular brands are right for you.

Never forget other options

Don’t be discouraged if you hear about these great anti snake bite hunting boots via positive word of mouth and then find yourself struggling to find Pro Line, Reaper, or Talon Winchester footwear. Over the past decade, there have been many times when a company would make a really great pair of these specialty boots for a couple of years to test out getting a piece of the market, but then slowly withdrawal or move onto something else. If you can’t find a pair of these boots that satisfy you, don’t forget to look at options from:

Thanks for reading, and good look on finding that perfect pair of hunting footwear before your next major hunt!

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