Looking at Lacrosse Snake Proof Boots

Looking at Lacrosse Snake Proof Boots

Lacrosse Snake Boots
A popular Lacrosse design for snake proof boots designed for wetlands use – technically not mossy oak design since the actual print is far more artistic.

One of the biggest names when it comes to high quality outdoor snake protection has to be the LaCrosse snake boots company.  These guys have long been one of the biggest names in the industry, and it’s not hard to see why.  Even with all the changes in companies moving in and out of the top ranks for outdoor companies and hunting clothing providers, LaCrosse still remains a popular name, and for very good reason. While it’s no longer just between them and Chippewa for being the big name when it comes to snake boots, they still remain one of the big names, particularly for Southern turkey hunters and hunters who find themselves in a lot of marshes and marsh-like areas.

Hunters looking for excellent snake proof swamp boots have a wide array of choices from LaCrosse, who provides over a dozen different options and styles when it comes to hunting boots that are snake proof or snake resistant. While Rocky Snake Boots has surged to provide a third name and make it “The Big Three” instead of “The Big Two,” LaCrosse still continues to stand as one of the largest and most trusted providers of quality snake boots in the market place.  Whether hunting in the swamps and in need of rubber and water proofing, or a comfortable and warm boot for cold fall days in the woods, there are LaCrosse snake proof hunting boots designed for about any environment you could ask for.

What Makes LaCrosse Boots Different?

While each boot company is going to have different styles and types of boots which makes each pair different, generally speaking each company has certain features that define them and set them apart from the competition.  LaCrosse has two common features that seem to appear on every single pair of their boots and really mark them as going after the hunting market and that is that their boots tend to be both camouflage in color, and they feature zippers.  Many hunters like the convenience of zip up boots, and obviously the camo is going to go over extremely well.

Most LaCrosse boots will be both waterproof and they will be extremely durable.  If there is a minor con to LaCrosse snake boots, then it might be that some models aren’t the most comfortable compared to some of the competition.  However the company has made it no secret that their first priority is making an extremely durable hunting boot that offers full protection from venomous snake bites.  Because of this, if it comes between lasting an extra two or three years or being a little more comfortable, they’re going to choose the design that is more durable and will stand the test of time longer.

Many different styles of Lacrosse snake books

Many of the snake boots that this company offers also have a reputation for having additional protections put in for protecting from scuffing and despite a mission of going for durability over comfort, many hunters find LaCrosse snake boots to be both comfortable and light weight.  These boots are also very competitively priced compared to competitors without having to worry about sacrificing any quality.

While the actual names and styles will change over time, as of this posting some of the most popular “types” of LaCrosse snake boots include:

  • Lacrosse Snake Charmer Boots
  • Lacrosse Razor Side Boots
  • Lacrosse Fang Side Zip Up Boots
  • Lacrosse Razor Snake Boots
  • Lacrosse Camo Zip Up Snake Proof Boots

Looking through these can give a hunter a great idea of what their ideal fall hunting boots might just look like, and each one offers a specific design or feel that meets your custom needs. Be sure to look through all your options, and don’t settle on anything less than your ideal pair of protective boots for the next big hunting season!

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