Just What Exactly Are Mossy Oak Snake Boots?

Just What Exactly Are Mossy Oak Snake Boots?

Rocky Mossy Oak Snake Proof Boots
Classic example of the mossy oak pattern, this time courtesy of Rocky snake proof boots. Click HERE to look at purchasing these safely through Amazon.com

While Mossy Oak Snake Boots may sound like a particular brand name, the Mossy Oak actually refers to the pattern of camouflage offered with the boots.  This design is extremely popular with hunters who want that perfect bit of clothing to help blend in during the hunt without giving up strong lower leg protection from a possible snake bite. Mossy oak = the name of the design, not the actual company name.

In fact, there are many very different companies that produce this specialized piece of hooting footwear that have these types of woodland designs, including but not limited to: Lacrosse, Danner, Chippewa, Rocky, Talone, and more! These are very different companies, yet they  are just some of the snake proof boot brand names that carry Mossy Oak hunting boot pattern, and this specific Mossy Oak design provides a variety of camouflage patterns. One isn’t necessarily any better than the others: the key is simply understanding what the point of the design is and creating one that blends with your average woodland area.

So what exactly is behind this popular hunting boot design?

There are many different methods of locating these boots.  Direct from a manufacturer’s website, online shopping hubs, online auctions sites, or retailers both online and in-store will likely carry some variety of this pattern. They may vary from one pair of snake proof hunting boots to another, but a pattern like this doesn’t need to be exact from one boot to another: it simply needs to blend in with the surrounding area you’ll be hunting in. After all, talking about a mossy oak design means you’re basically talking about camouflage hunting boots – not a specific brand name.

Generally speaking, anything considered “Mossy Oak” provides several different types of camouflage fabric. In fact, this is a descriptive design you can find with everything from Mossy Oak jackets and pants to camouflage purses, dresses, and other accessories that come up for that niche fashion group. This is why you can find a wide array of clothing options that combine with Mossy Oak snake boots for the full head to toe effect.

Rubber mossy oak hunting boots
A great example of the mossy oak hunting boot design – this one mostly rubber. Click HERE to check exceptional anti snake hunting boots on Amazon.com.

What do these camo hunting boot patterns have in common?

While Mossy Oak boots for hunting are always camo boots, that doesn’t mean the opposite is necessarily true. Not all camouflage fabric designs are going to be Mossy Oak, but the MO designs are going to be camo in nature. One of the most distinctive traits is an actual breakup pattern that has that design low and high, with your basic rubber protection or frame of design in the middle. It’s still meant to be a similar color, but at the same time there is that break in design. When looking specifically at camo snake proof boots for hunters, there are a lot of options.

This includes mossy oak boot designs that hunters appreciate from:

  • Danner boots
  • Lacrosse boots
  • Rocky boots
  • Talone boots
  • RedHead boots
  • Justin boots
  • Chippewa boots

So what’s the best option? Honestly, it can vary a lot from one model to another. However the big thing to remember is that good camo design and the ability to truly be snake bite resistant are the most important criteria for any type of outdoor boot. That being said, when you’re shopping specifically for snake boots, the camouflage pattern is simply one criteria in determining which brand and model of snake boot to settle on.  For people simply hiking through snake territory, camouflage is not likely to rank highly on their list of criteria since the rest of the clothing may not be camouflaged.  For hunters, this may rank quite highly.

A touch of Mossy Oak design history

The Mossy Oak breakup pattern emerged in 1996, and as printing technologies and computer enhancements have advanced, so too has the quality of the camouflage.  Computer technology has remarkably improved the digitally created backgrounds including bark, leaves, oak branches, and ghost shadows.  Advances in printing technology have translated these enhancements into realistic, three-dimensional illusions on two-dimensional fabric.

Because the Mossy Oak camouflage pattern caters to hunters, Mossy Oak snake boots can often be found with other features that cater to a hunter’s needs of remaining undetected.  First off, the soles of the boots are specifically engineered to dampen sound, to improve the effectiveness of stalking prey.  Another unique feature is fabric that is designed to block distinctly human scents.  Features are included to prevent excessive sweating, the cause of odor-forming bacteria, which might not be necessary for hunting, but it sure makes life quite a bit easier and a bit more pleasant when out of the field and back in home.

The best of these Mossy Oak snake boots will be waterproof, and like other high quality snake proof boots provide high-length protection, flexibility in the ankles, and padded insoles to provide foot comfort for hours of extended use.

Are Mossy Oak Snake Proof Boots Limited to One Company?
The answer to this is a rather emphatic “No.” While there might be some arguments over whether or not one particular model or style is the “official” Mossy Oak camouflage design, this style of snake proof hunting boot is available from a wide number of companies, or at least something comparable that can offer the same level of overall results. When you’re looking for the ideal pair of hunting boots that will also keep the fangs of any angry or surprised venomous snakes from making contact with your skin, look for comfort and quality first.

The mossy oak pattern can be found in a number of hunting boot designs and so you shouldn’t have any problem finding a quality pair that works for you.

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