Irish Setter Snake Boot Review

Irish Setter Snake Boot Review

Mossy Oak Irish Setter Snake Boots
A fantastic pair of snake proof hunting boots great for hunting or woods and marsh land hiking.

Great hunting boots or swamp boots offering plenty of protection from snake bites. This is true by definition otherwise they’re just not great boots and if you’re hunting or traversing in an area that is known for having rattlesnakes, water moccasins, and copperheads then it is definitely in your interest to make sure you have high quality, snake resistant boots like Irish Setter hunting boots with Snake Guard.

Because the Irish Setter line of shoes encompasses a wide range of shoes and boots from casual, to hiking, to hunting, Irish Setter Snake Boots are sometimes overlooked.  The fact of the matter is that Irish Setter does put out a number of snake proof boots popular by hunters, as the boots provide several features that appeal to everything a hunter needs in a boot in addition to providing the fang-stopping protection required from the knee-down while taking a stroll through snake territory.

There aren’t many different types of snake boots released by the Irish Setter company, however they are often extremely high quality hunting boots that are among the best around. You can CLICK HERE for another fine example. When you look at the picture to the right and the boots from that link, you’ll see why this company does so well.

The Irish Setter company has carved out a niche for themselves by providing excellent snake proof hunting boots.  Though there are several styles to choose from, they all provide the same basic features in a slightly different package.  First and foremost, these boots protect to the standard height of 16 to 17 inches.  Though weight naturally varies by the by the boot size, it basically averages out to about 5 pounds per pair.  Irish Setter Snake Boots are made with the same materials leading the industry standard; nylon, leather, and waterproof membranes.

Outstanding Features & Benefits

Irish Setter Snake Boot Pic
The 2875 Vaprtrek waterproof boot is one of the most popular released by Irish Setter.

With a height of up to 17 inches to cover, Irish Setter provides both zip-up and lace-up snake boots, with both having their advantages and disadvantages.  The zip-up variety of snake boot provides the comfortable assurance of easy on, easy off.  The drawback is that it cannot provide the same support as a lace-up boots.  On the flip side, lace-up boots provide better ankle support which can be essential in more rugged terrain, but can be a bit more cumbersome to take on and off.

Several features of Irish Setter Snake boots are included in their brands to better accommodate hunters.  Any more waterproofing is the industry standard.  The price of walking around in wet socks is shredded feet.  But water isn’t the only thing a hunter has to be concerned with.  Standing, hiking, and stalking all day in a pair of Irish Setter snake proof boots is going to cause the feet to sweat.

No matter what the very specific style of this extremely popular hunting boot (often associated with Bass Pro), Irish Setter Boots with Snake Guard offer snake resistant protection without compromising the quality, comfort, and design that you would expect from a manufacturer of their stature. These are popular because they’re built to tackle the biggest worries and frustrations of hunters first and foremost, and the solid snake guard design is just icing on the cake as far as the manufacturer is concerned, in order to bring their hunting boots to the next level.

These boots are constructed with an inner mesh lining intended to keep moisture away from the foot. This is an extremely useful design point, and it’s with noting that Irish Setter boots are also treated with a scent block, to be sure that animals can’t smell the hunter from the sweat of his or her feet.

In Conclusion

Many hunters are grateful to have a good pair of snake proof boots, even if they’ve never had a snake encounter.  It is not safe to assume that snakes will leave an area when they encounter people, and not all snakes announce their presence with an audible rattle.  While remaining alert is prudent, this prudence will not always be enough to prevent every snake encounter.

A good pair of snake proof boots like Irish Setter snake boots can help in determining a better (and safer) outcome for the hunter in a snake encounter. As always, thanks for stopping by and reading! We hope you found this review of Irish Setter snake boots informative and useful.

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