Chippewa Snake Boot Review: Some of the Best Hunting Boots Around

Chippewa Snake Boot Review: Some of the Best Hunting Boots Around

Chippewa snake boots
A stunning example of a unique Chippewa snake proof boot design. You can learn more about these highly rated snake boots HERE on

Chippewa Snake Boots are among some of the most popular and well known snake proof boots in the business.  Part of the reason for this is that the Chippewa company produces a huge range of boots, giving them a very solid reputation for making top of the line boots in every shape, style, fashion, and use imaginable.  While actual snake proof boots are only a very small part of the total Chippewa line, Chippewa snake boots do represent one of the largest groups of total snake boot choices on the market, and if you take a look at several of their best options then it becomes obvious why they are so popular.

There are dozens of different styles of snake boots from the Chippewa company and every single pair of them holds up to a very high standard of construction and comfort. While they can look incredibly different from one pair to another, the same level of effectiveness and quality will not only keep hunters’ feet warm and dry, but also safe from venomous snake bites.   If you’re looking for a high end snake boot, then right up there with LaCrosse snake proof hunting boots and Rocky snake boots, Chippewa comes off as one of the truly big dogs in the industry – and for good reason! Their high quality designs, excellent materials, and overall quality of product has kept them a major name in the snake boot industry and that’s a trend that’s not likely to reverse anytime soon.

So what makes these particular snake boots any better than any other company’s?  There are several things that make these boots stand up above and beyond the rest, and hopefully this Chippewa snake boot review will help demonstrate why this company remains so popular among the hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts who want maximum protection from snake bites.

The many different designs available will also show you why people who are looking for great snake proof boots that aren’t designed for marshes often turn to Chippewa.

popular chippewa snake proof hunting boots
The Chippewa 23922 Men’s 17 Inch boots are among the most popular and these pull on versions have plenty of fans. To see more for yourself, click HERE to visit

Benefit #1: Several Different Styles Offered

One of the immediate things that will jump out at a shopper about Chippewa snake proof boots are how many different styles and designs are offered by the company.  Some well known companies like Browning or Justin only offer a small handful of different styles, sometimes as few as two or three a year or for a series of years and that’s it.  With Chippewa snake boots there are five new styles at any given time which include both men’s and women’s sizes.  These boots can range from rough workman’s leather to nice looking boots which could easily be cleaned up and worn into town as part of a dressed up ensemble.

In other words these styles go well beyond your normal snake proof swamp hunting boots. There are multiple designs, many that look good, and plenty of different styles and designs of boots for both men and women. That’s a lot of options to make sure everyone is comfortable and looking good while remaining protected from venomous snake bites. This also gives some better options for dryer climates.

Benefit #2: Built to be Multi-Functional

Chippewa snake boots are designed specifically to be multi-functional in nature.  While many companies focus solely on being aimed at waterproof and being excellent for hunting, or for simply being durable, but not many of them focus on being comfortable.  Since the Chippewa Company deals primarily in boots, and is not simply an outdoor company doing boots on the side, but they are a full blown boot company producing snake proof boots on the side. There are a variety of different boots that are meant for hard hiking, rough terrain, or swamp lands.

While many hunting boots aim at only one general type of terrain, there are many different styles of these boots and because of that many different terrains can be covered from desert to mountain to swamp and about everything in between. If you are only going to be tackling one specific type of environment, it might be worth taking the extra time to check out specific styles and see which ones might work best for your custom needs.

Benefit #3: Fantastic Value

When it comes to getting extremely high quality for the money invested, it’s hard to beat what Chippewa snake boots has to offer.  These boots are stylish, offer full protection against snake bites all the way to the knee.  These boots also have a strong reputation for being acceptable as snake proof hiking boots because they offer an unusual amount of comfort as well as strong ankle support.

There are well over a dozen different styles of snake boots released by Chippewa and while the price can vary dramatically from one pair to another. On average prices range from $200 all the way up to $400. These boots are not the cheapest options on the market, but the quality of their construction, their overall look & style, and their effectiveness in the field definitely can’t be ignored.

Are there any negatives to Chippewa Snake Boots?

If there is one complaint that comes against Chippewa boots as opposed to their competitors, it’s that the majority of Chippewa boot styles as of this writing don’t come with camouflage. There was a point where no mossy oak designs were available with snake boots from the company,  but the high demand has resulted in changes over the last few years and made them available. Depending on which of the over a dozen different styles you are looking at, there might also be some complaints about the waterproofing not being as solid as some other companies.

The waterproofing issue can also be a bigger deal for hunters who have to deal with swamps or wetlands as opposed to high mountain forests, but this still is a concern for many outdoorsmen.  In other words, while Chippewa appeals to a wider customer base than many of the other companies producing these boots, they do not do a great job of producing traditional snake proof hunting boots, leaving hunters (especially in wetlands or swamp lands) wanting more than they can get at this time.

Overall, you can’t argue with the total quality of Chippewa snake boots as they enjoy a reputation as one of the finest brands available for a very good price. And if you have any questions about a specific pair of these high quality boots, take a look around this website for more reviews or see what type of Chippewa boots has to offer!

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