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Herman Snake Boots Review

Herman snake boots might not get the attention that many of the bigger named companies receive, but many consumers are well aware of the quality snake proof footwear this company produces.  However, is this old reputation still valid compared to modern production?  The problem nowadays is that many companies that once produced great gear get bought out and then a new company cuts back on quality and keeps the name but not the old style of doing things.  This is definitely unfortunate and Herman Boots might qualify as the newest victim along these lines.

While the relationships between companies can change, as of this writing in early 2011 Herman boots became sort of the Bass Pro “in store” brand, and the first thing to be noted is how the “snake proof” is taken off the label.  Now as with many thick hunting boots, there’s a chance that it will still stop a snake bite, but you have to be a little nervous that the specific advertising for protection from North American pit vipers is gone.  These boots replaced RedHead Snake Boots throughout many Bass Pro shops, and both Herman snake proof boots and RedHead snake proof boots have been referred to as Codura snake proof boots based on the material used in both.

So what’s the verdict on the new models?  While the Herman name might hold a special place in hunting lore as being one of the first companies to design boots with protection from venomous snakes in mind, many modern reviews, like this hunting boot review here, aren’t nearly so kind.  Many modern forms of Herman boots have been leaky and complaints of cheap or shoddy workmanship are popping up online at a rather alarming rate.  In fact, the review strongly suggests that the old RedHead snake boots were the better option, and many people seem to agree.  Old styles like this:

RedHead 10'' Bayou Zip Non-Insulated Waterproof Snake Boots for Youth - 1

This particular pair is designed for youth, but offered by Bass Pro Shop, these boots might be considered going out of style but you don’t hear a lot of complaints about the waterproofing the way you do with the new Herman Boots, which may or may not even be snake proof.  Now how’s that for a risky gamble!  The good news is that there are still some models left for youth, for men, and for women.  For example, here is a nice ladies RedHead snake proof boot:

RedHead® Bone-Dry 13'' Bayou Zip Snake Boots for Ladies - 10 M

And if you’re getting impatient and wondering when I’m finally going to get to that good old reliable Mens RedHead snake boots, well you won’t have to wait much longer as these will be the last picture on the post, and you can click on the picture right through to Bass Pro Shop’s online store for a safe and reliable transactions.  So while Herman Boots may be a huge disappointment for many hunters, for those of you who want a good Cordura boot you still have the option of purchasing the old fashioned RedHead snake proof boots as long as limited supplies last.

RedHead 16'' Waterproof Rubber Snake Boots for Men - 10 M

Introduction to Snake Proof Boots

Snake boots are a popular choice among many hunters and other outdoor individuals who love hunting, camping, or spending a lot of time in wilderness that unfortunately can also be home to many venomous snakes.  Whether a high adventure wilderness survival enthusiast wanting protection from Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes  in the Rocky Mountains or a turkey hunter in the southern swamps watching out for copperheads and water moccasins, a good pair of snake boots can go a long way towards peace of mind.  And considering the costs of hospital bills nowadays, just protection from one snake bite will pay for a pair of boots many times over.

Another common name for snake boots is “snake proof boots.”  These two terms can be used interchangeably, and some people prefer the second title in part because then these can’t be mistaken for snakeskin boots, which have nothing to do with actual protection from snake bites.  There are several different companies who produce protective snake boots.  In fact, there are over a dozen although a small handful of companies definitely have the lion’s share of the market.  However this doesn’t mean that you can’t find excellent snake boots from one of the companies.  In fact, many people love the small companies since they’re forced to concentrate on putting out some of the best boots on the market since they can’t afford any mistakes and need to stick out.

While this list could easily become outdated with new arrivals or as the years go by and some companies get better and better while others can’t keep up with more recent and incredible designs offered by smaller companies, as of right now these ten companies or brands are among the most popular and most well known:

  1. LaCrosse Boots
  2. Chippewa Boots
  3. Rocky Snake Boots
  4. Herman Boots
  5. Justin Boots
  6. RedHead Boots
  7. Danner Boots
  8. Irish Setter Boots
  9. Mossy Oak
  10. Browning Snake Proof Boots

Over time I hope this site will become the largest single resource online for finding great reviews and information on all types of snake boots.