Browning Snake Boot Review: What Do Browning Boots Have to Offer?

Browning Snake Boot Review: What Do Browning Boots Have to Offer?

Old Waterproof snake boots
An example of a quality pair of Browning’s old snake proof hunting boots.

Browning snake boots might not have the same level of attention as snake proof boots made by Chippewa or LaCrosse, but they do produce a series of popular boots.  Many Browning snake boots are produced in the “Mossy Oak” design of coloring to allow these to work as excellent hunting boots since they blend in well with the environment due to the various color tones.  These snake proof hunting boots are also designed to be warm and waterproof, which are definite pluses.  These boots most commonly come in 14 inch and 17 inch lengths in order to cover the entire lower leg from the ankle all the way up to the knee, the area of the body where many venomous snake bites take place.

Where have all the Browning hunting boot designs gone?

Back as recently as 2008 Browning was actually a major player when it came to creating exceptional snake boots and while they weren’t on the same level as Lacrosse and Chippewa, they were considered up there as going one of the largest producers of these quality hunting boots. However, if it seems like you haven’t seen a new style in quite some time, then you have a good eye for details. While there are still stores that sell the old boots, because a well designed pair of boots doesn’t “go bad,” Browning stopped releasing new models of snake proof hunting boots a few years ago.

Because of this, you’re going to have to do some homework to find a good pair from Browning if that is who you have your sights set on. Lacrosse, Chippewa, and now Rocky are all companies who are currently bigger names in the industry than Browning, who seems to be going a completely different direction. Even formerly niche hunting boot makers like RedHead, Danner, and Irish Setter all rank higher than Browning now does.

What Are the Old Browning Snake Proof Hunting Boots Like?

These light weight boots tend to weigh only 32 oz, or 2 lbs.  Most of these protective boots will be cross lace up the front, although a few types zip up the side or even in the back.  This detail varies greatly from one style to the next and can even change from year to year as designs and styles change.  Browning’s main line of boots are not snake boots, but the Browning snake boots which are produced to offer a lot to consumers looking for a warm, comfortable, durable, and water proof hunting boot which offers the additional peace of mind of protection from venomous snake bites.

Browning snake boots focus mostly on men’s sizes, as they’re aiming for the largest market available since far more buyers of snake proof boots are going to be male instead of female.  Because of this women looking for a good pair of Browning snake proof boots might be better off finding a good pair of protective boots from another company which specializes in both men’s and women’s boots.

In Conclusion

There was a lot to like about the old style of Browning boots, and there are few other hunting boots that can match up with it, but for hunters looking for a new style or something different, Browning is no longer going to offer the type of options that were once available. The good news is that far more companies are now involved in making quality snake boots than there were even five years ago, which leads to dozens more total options when it comes to finding the perfect pair of hunting boots that can hold up to even the worst of conditions.

Instead of lamenting no longer having any new boot options with Browning, you should consider taking a look at:

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