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Looking at Lacrosse Snake Proof Boots

Looking at Lacrosse Snake Proof Boots

Lacrosse Snake Boots
A popular Lacrosse design for snake proof boots designed for wetlands use – technically not mossy oak design since the actual print is far more artistic.

One of the biggest names when it comes to high quality outdoor snake protection has to be the LaCrosse snake boots company.  These guys have long been one of the biggest names in the industry, and it’s not hard to see why.  Even with all the changes in companies moving in and out of the top ranks for outdoor companies and hunting clothing providers, LaCrosse still remains a popular name, and for very good reason. While it’s no longer just between them and Chippewa for being the big name when it comes to snake boots, they still remain one of the big names, particularly for Southern turkey hunters and hunters who find themselves in a lot of marshes and marsh-like areas.

Hunters looking for excellent snake proof swamp boots have a wide array of choices from LaCrosse, who provides over a dozen different options and styles when it comes to hunting boots that are snake proof or snake resistant. While Rocky Snake Boots has surged to provide a third name and make it “The Big Three” instead of “The Big Two,” LaCrosse still continues to stand as one of the largest and most trusted providers of quality snake boots in the market place.  Whether hunting in the swamps and in need of rubber and water proofing, or a comfortable and warm boot for cold fall days in the woods, there are LaCrosse snake proof hunting boots designed for about any environment you could ask for.

What Makes LaCrosse Boots Different?

While each boot company is going to have different styles and types of boots which makes each pair different, generally speaking each company has certain features that define them and set them apart from the competition.  LaCrosse has two common features that seem to appear on every single pair of their boots and really mark them as going after the hunting market and that is that their boots tend to be both camouflage in color, and they feature zippers.  Many hunters like the convenience of zip up boots, and obviously the camo is going to go over extremely well.

Most LaCrosse boots will be both waterproof and they will be extremely durable.  If there is a minor con to LaCrosse snake boots, then it might be that some models aren’t the most comfortable compared to some of the competition.  However the company has made it no secret that their first priority is making an extremely durable hunting boot that offers full protection from venomous snake bites.  Because of this, if it comes between lasting an extra two or three years or being a little more comfortable, they’re going to choose the design that is more durable and will stand the test of time longer.

Many different styles of Lacrosse snake books

Many of the snake boots that this company offers also have a reputation for having additional protections put in for protecting from scuffing and despite a mission of going for durability over comfort, many hunters find LaCrosse snake boots to be both comfortable and light weight.  These boots are also very competitively priced compared to competitors without having to worry about sacrificing any quality.

While the actual names and styles will change over time, as of this posting some of the most popular “types” of LaCrosse snake boots include:

  • Lacrosse Snake Charmer Boots
  • Lacrosse Razor Side Boots
  • Lacrosse Fang Side Zip Up Boots
  • Lacrosse Razor Snake Boots
  • Lacrosse Camo Zip Up Snake Proof Boots

Looking through these can give a hunter a great idea of what their ideal fall hunting boots might just look like, and each one offers a specific design or feel that meets your custom needs. Be sure to look through all your options, and don’t settle on anything less than your ideal pair of protective boots for the next big hunting season!

Browning Snake Boot Review: What Do Browning Boots Have to Offer?

Browning Snake Boot Review: What Do Browning Boots Have to Offer?

Old Waterproof snake boots
An example of a quality pair of Browning’s old snake proof hunting boots.

Browning snake boots might not have the same level of attention as snake proof boots made by Chippewa or LaCrosse, but they do produce a series of popular boots.  Many Browning snake boots are produced in the “Mossy Oak” design of coloring to allow these to work as excellent hunting boots since they blend in well with the environment due to the various color tones.  These snake proof hunting boots are also designed to be warm and waterproof, which are definite pluses.  These boots most commonly come in 14 inch and 17 inch lengths in order to cover the entire lower leg from the ankle all the way up to the knee, the area of the body where many venomous snake bites take place.

Where have all the Browning hunting boot designs gone?

Back as recently as 2008 Browning was actually a major player when it came to creating exceptional snake boots and while they weren’t on the same level as Lacrosse and Chippewa, they were considered up there as going one of the largest producers of these quality hunting boots. However, if it seems like you haven’t seen a new style in quite some time, then you have a good eye for details. While there are still stores that sell the old boots, because a well designed pair of boots doesn’t “go bad,” Browning stopped releasing new models of snake proof hunting boots a few years ago.

Because of this, you’re going to have to do some homework to find a good pair from Browning if that is who you have your sights set on. Lacrosse, Chippewa, and now Rocky are all companies who are currently bigger names in the industry than Browning, who seems to be going a completely different direction. Even formerly niche hunting boot makers like RedHead, Danner, and Irish Setter all rank higher than Browning now does.

What Are the Old Browning Snake Proof Hunting Boots Like?

These light weight boots tend to weigh only 32 oz, or 2 lbs.  Most of these protective boots will be cross lace up the front, although a few types zip up the side or even in the back.  This detail varies greatly from one style to the next and can even change from year to year as designs and styles change.  Browning’s main line of boots are not snake boots, but the Browning snake boots which are produced to offer a lot to consumers looking for a warm, comfortable, durable, and water proof hunting boot which offers the additional peace of mind of protection from venomous snake bites.

Browning snake boots focus mostly on men’s sizes, as they’re aiming for the largest market available since far more buyers of snake proof boots are going to be male instead of female.  Because of this women looking for a good pair of Browning snake proof boots might be better off finding a good pair of protective boots from another company which specializes in both men’s and women’s boots.

In Conclusion

There was a lot to like about the old style of Browning boots, and there are few other hunting boots that can match up with it, but for hunters looking for a new style or something different, Browning is no longer going to offer the type of options that were once available. The good news is that far more companies are now involved in making quality snake boots than there were even five years ago, which leads to dozens more total options when it comes to finding the perfect pair of hunting boots that can hold up to even the worst of conditions.

Instead of lamenting no longer having any new boot options with Browning, you should consider taking a look at:

Chippewa Snake Boot Review: Some of the Best Hunting Boots Around

Chippewa Snake Boot Review: Some of the Best Hunting Boots Around

Chippewa snake boots
A stunning example of a unique Chippewa snake proof boot design. You can learn more about these highly rated snake boots HERE on

Chippewa Snake Boots are among some of the most popular and well known snake proof boots in the business.  Part of the reason for this is that the Chippewa company produces a huge range of boots, giving them a very solid reputation for making top of the line boots in every shape, style, fashion, and use imaginable.  While actual snake proof boots are only a very small part of the total Chippewa line, Chippewa snake boots do represent one of the largest groups of total snake boot choices on the market, and if you take a look at several of their best options then it becomes obvious why they are so popular.

There are dozens of different styles of snake boots from the Chippewa company and every single pair of them holds up to a very high standard of construction and comfort. While they can look incredibly different from one pair to another, the same level of effectiveness and quality will not only keep hunters’ feet warm and dry, but also safe from venomous snake bites.   If you’re looking for a high end snake boot, then right up there with LaCrosse snake proof hunting boots and Rocky snake boots, Chippewa comes off as one of the truly big dogs in the industry – and for good reason! Their high quality designs, excellent materials, and overall quality of product has kept them a major name in the snake boot industry and that’s a trend that’s not likely to reverse anytime soon.

So what makes these particular snake boots any better than any other company’s?  There are several things that make these boots stand up above and beyond the rest, and hopefully this Chippewa snake boot review will help demonstrate why this company remains so popular among the hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts who want maximum protection from snake bites.

The many different designs available will also show you why people who are looking for great snake proof boots that aren’t designed for marshes often turn to Chippewa.

popular chippewa snake proof hunting boots
The Chippewa 23922 Men’s 17 Inch boots are among the most popular and these pull on versions have plenty of fans. To see more for yourself, click HERE to visit

Benefit #1: Several Different Styles Offered

One of the immediate things that will jump out at a shopper about Chippewa snake proof boots are how many different styles and designs are offered by the company.  Some well known companies like Browning or Justin only offer a small handful of different styles, sometimes as few as two or three a year or for a series of years and that’s it.  With Chippewa snake boots there are five new styles at any given time which include both men’s and women’s sizes.  These boots can range from rough workman’s leather to nice looking boots which could easily be cleaned up and worn into town as part of a dressed up ensemble.

In other words these styles go well beyond your normal snake proof swamp hunting boots. There are multiple designs, many that look good, and plenty of different styles and designs of boots for both men and women. That’s a lot of options to make sure everyone is comfortable and looking good while remaining protected from venomous snake bites. This also gives some better options for dryer climates.

Benefit #2: Built to be Multi-Functional

Chippewa snake boots are designed specifically to be multi-functional in nature.  While many companies focus solely on being aimed at waterproof and being excellent for hunting, or for simply being durable, but not many of them focus on being comfortable.  Since the Chippewa Company deals primarily in boots, and is not simply an outdoor company doing boots on the side, but they are a full blown boot company producing snake proof boots on the side. There are a variety of different boots that are meant for hard hiking, rough terrain, or swamp lands.

While many hunting boots aim at only one general type of terrain, there are many different styles of these boots and because of that many different terrains can be covered from desert to mountain to swamp and about everything in between. If you are only going to be tackling one specific type of environment, it might be worth taking the extra time to check out specific styles and see which ones might work best for your custom needs.

Benefit #3: Fantastic Value

When it comes to getting extremely high quality for the money invested, it’s hard to beat what Chippewa snake boots has to offer.  These boots are stylish, offer full protection against snake bites all the way to the knee.  These boots also have a strong reputation for being acceptable as snake proof hiking boots because they offer an unusual amount of comfort as well as strong ankle support.

There are well over a dozen different styles of snake boots released by Chippewa and while the price can vary dramatically from one pair to another. On average prices range from $200 all the way up to $400. These boots are not the cheapest options on the market, but the quality of their construction, their overall look & style, and their effectiveness in the field definitely can’t be ignored.

Are there any negatives to Chippewa Snake Boots?

If there is one complaint that comes against Chippewa boots as opposed to their competitors, it’s that the majority of Chippewa boot styles as of this writing don’t come with camouflage. There was a point where no mossy oak designs were available with snake boots from the company,  but the high demand has resulted in changes over the last few years and made them available. Depending on which of the over a dozen different styles you are looking at, there might also be some complaints about the waterproofing not being as solid as some other companies.

The waterproofing issue can also be a bigger deal for hunters who have to deal with swamps or wetlands as opposed to high mountain forests, but this still is a concern for many outdoorsmen.  In other words, while Chippewa appeals to a wider customer base than many of the other companies producing these boots, they do not do a great job of producing traditional snake proof hunting boots, leaving hunters (especially in wetlands or swamp lands) wanting more than they can get at this time.

Overall, you can’t argue with the total quality of Chippewa snake boots as they enjoy a reputation as one of the finest brands available for a very good price. And if you have any questions about a specific pair of these high quality boots, take a look around this website for more reviews or see what type of Chippewa boots has to offer!

Rocky Snake Proof Boots Review: A Great Hunting Boot Option

Rocky Snake Proof Boots Review: A Great Hunting Boot Option

Popular Rocky Hunting Boots
One of the more popular styles of Rocky Snake Proof Hunting Boots, the Prolight style. Click HERE to checkout on

Rocky Snake Boots might be considered one of the small companies, but their recent development of of nearly twenty different types and styles of snake proof boots also puts them up there as one of the larger manufacturers, as well.  In other words, they’re not putting a single toe into the water as far as providing hunters with a wide variety of ideal footwear that is perfect not only for hunting in wetlands and forests where there might be a strong venomous snake population, but they have gone all out in making sure their reputation for quality stays high while surging to be mentioned among Lacrosse and Chippewa as some of the biggest names in snake proof boots.

While Rocky Snake Boots might not be able to compete with the marketing of the famous Chippewa Snake Boot testing video, however they have done an exceptional job of getting their name out there and making a name for themselves in this nice. It actually wasn’t that long ago that they were a distant third when it came to well known providers for this specific type of hunting boot however because of their outstanding manufacturing and production work, they are widely known and heavily considered among the big three, right shoulder to shoulder with Chippewa and Lacrosse…and maybe even the best overall company of the three!

Looking at how Rocky boots have made their big impact

Rocky survived as a smaller player at first because they had the ability to quickly create extremely high quality hunting boots and to produce them in large manufacturing numbers gave them the ability to quickly grow and to then grab their fair share of the market in order to serve a wide range of customers. One of the things that instantly stands out about Rocky Snake Proof Boots compared to many of their competitors is that they make these protective pieces of clothing for men, women, and youth.  Many companies focus only on men, while others also make ladies snake boots but ignore youth. When looking at proper snake protection for people of all ages, there’s no question that the Rocky Boots company is definitely the one to look at.

The second piece of information that jumps out immediately when it comes to these types of boots is that Rocky doesn’t stick with only one line.  As of 2015 there were already multiple major lines, or “sub-styles” of Rocky snake boots that were worth checking out by the general public.  Just a small sample of those various lines and styles of this popular hunting footwear includes:

  • Rocky Striker Snake Boots
  • Rocky Prolight Snake Proof Hunting Boots (great example would be the opening picture of this post)
  • Rocky Aztec Snake Boots
  • Rocky Lynx Snake Hunting Boots
  • Rocky Mossy Oak Snake Boots

Some more lines are in the making, but even for a company like Rocky to already have three distinctive and specialized lines in addition to their mainstream offerings definitely shows a conscious movement towards becoming one of the big names in this particular field.

Rocky Lynx Snake Boots
Great example of the popular Rocky Lynx line of anti-snake bite hunting boots. Click HERE to see more on

Even better for these boots and the company that produces them is the consistently high ratings that many of these boots receive from trusted websites and consumers alike.  For example, from the informational site you find that among the hunters who use these boots a ranking of 4.5/5 with have the users giving it a 4 and half giving it a 5 as of this writing.

That’s an excellent measurement of how popular these protective snake proof boots are and gives a good indication of why Rocky Snake Boots are catching up to the big boys like LaCrosse and Chippewa in the outdoors market.  Add in the positive support from Amazon reviews and it’s easy to see why this footwear does so wear. There aren’t many hunting boots out there that offer great snake protection to boot and when you add in fantastic design, comfort, and an ability to last one hunting season after another through rough terrain, and you have a winning combination!

There’s plenty more to Rocky hunting boots

Those five different styles of Rocky Snake Proof Boots mentioned earlier don’t even begin to cover all the various different options available. There are many different specific pairs of boots that don’t necessarily fall under any of these specific sub-types of  boots but stand alone as another design and another example of exceptional camouflaged hunting boots that still provide full protection against snake bites. This variety helps ensure that no matter what the style or preference of the outdoor specialists in your life, there is a version of Rocky’s anti snake boots that will protect them and match every single need.

Rocky snake boots offer excellent protection and a wide variety of styles for men, women, and youth which makes them pretty tough competitors in the marketplace.  Add in the durability and the Mossy Oak designs which are often camouflaged are perfect for hunters who need to blend in with their surroundings in addition to enjoying the protection that these pieces of clothing have to offer.

In Conclusion

There is no shortage of options when it comes to finding protective footwear from the Rocky boot company. Whether you’re a hunter looking to protect your own legs and health before the next season or looking to shop for a loved one to give them that level of protection, Rocky Snake Boots should be near the top of your list of the best possible snake proof hunting boots on the market.

Irish Setter Snake Boot Review

Irish Setter Snake Boot Review

Mossy Oak Irish Setter Snake Boots
A fantastic pair of snake proof hunting boots great for hunting or woods and marsh land hiking.

Great hunting boots or swamp boots offering plenty of protection from snake bites. This is true by definition otherwise they’re just not great boots and if you’re hunting or traversing in an area that is known for having rattlesnakes, water moccasins, and copperheads then it is definitely in your interest to make sure you have high quality, snake resistant boots like Irish Setter hunting boots with Snake Guard.

Because the Irish Setter line of shoes encompasses a wide range of shoes and boots from casual, to hiking, to hunting, Irish Setter Snake Boots are sometimes overlooked.  The fact of the matter is that Irish Setter does put out a number of snake proof boots popular by hunters, as the boots provide several features that appeal to everything a hunter needs in a boot in addition to providing the fang-stopping protection required from the knee-down while taking a stroll through snake territory.

There aren’t many different types of snake boots released by the Irish Setter company, however they are often extremely high quality hunting boots that are among the best around. You can CLICK HERE for another fine example. When you look at the picture to the right and the boots from that link, you’ll see why this company does so well.

The Irish Setter company has carved out a niche for themselves by providing excellent snake proof hunting boots.  Though there are several styles to choose from, they all provide the same basic features in a slightly different package.  First and foremost, these boots protect to the standard height of 16 to 17 inches.  Though weight naturally varies by the by the boot size, it basically averages out to about 5 pounds per pair.  Irish Setter Snake Boots are made with the same materials leading the industry standard; nylon, leather, and waterproof membranes.

Outstanding Features & Benefits

Irish Setter Snake Boot Pic
The 2875 Vaprtrek waterproof boot is one of the most popular released by Irish Setter.

With a height of up to 17 inches to cover, Irish Setter provides both zip-up and lace-up snake boots, with both having their advantages and disadvantages.  The zip-up variety of snake boot provides the comfortable assurance of easy on, easy off.  The drawback is that it cannot provide the same support as a lace-up boots.  On the flip side, lace-up boots provide better ankle support which can be essential in more rugged terrain, but can be a bit more cumbersome to take on and off.

Several features of Irish Setter Snake boots are included in their brands to better accommodate hunters.  Any more waterproofing is the industry standard.  The price of walking around in wet socks is shredded feet.  But water isn’t the only thing a hunter has to be concerned with.  Standing, hiking, and stalking all day in a pair of Irish Setter snake proof boots is going to cause the feet to sweat.

No matter what the very specific style of this extremely popular hunting boot (often associated with Bass Pro), Irish Setter Boots with Snake Guard offer snake resistant protection without compromising the quality, comfort, and design that you would expect from a manufacturer of their stature. These are popular because they’re built to tackle the biggest worries and frustrations of hunters first and foremost, and the solid snake guard design is just icing on the cake as far as the manufacturer is concerned, in order to bring their hunting boots to the next level.

These boots are constructed with an inner mesh lining intended to keep moisture away from the foot. This is an extremely useful design point, and it’s with noting that Irish Setter boots are also treated with a scent block, to be sure that animals can’t smell the hunter from the sweat of his or her feet.

In Conclusion

Many hunters are grateful to have a good pair of snake proof boots, even if they’ve never had a snake encounter.  It is not safe to assume that snakes will leave an area when they encounter people, and not all snakes announce their presence with an audible rattle.  While remaining alert is prudent, this prudence will not always be enough to prevent every snake encounter.

A good pair of snake proof boots like Irish Setter snake boots can help in determining a better (and safer) outcome for the hunter in a snake encounter. As always, thanks for stopping by and reading! We hope you found this review of Irish Setter snake boots informative and useful.

Pro Line Snake Boots Review: What You Should Know

Pro Line Snake Boots Review: What You Should Know

Pro Line Snake Boots
One of the best Pro Line snake boot models: the reaper side zip snake boot.

With many features becoming commonplace in snake proof boots, perhaps the most definable differences between Pro Line Snake Boots and other snake boot manufacturers are the cut of the boot (how it feels) and the starting price.  Any reasonable pair of snake boots is expected to be completely snake proof, completely waterproof, likely camouflaged, and has a thick, rubber sole for plenty of traction.

For starters, Pro Line offers a  that their boots labeled snake proof are indeed snake proof.  Free from manufacturer defect has to be a given.  Like many other snake proof boots, Pro Line Snake Boots are also completely waterproof and are constructed with a combination of nylon and leather.  Using more nylon in the boot, especially for the camouflaged material lends itself to a lower cost, starting around $100.  The Reaper Side Zip Snake Boot (click HERE to see it on Amazon) is one of the finest models that any hunter can buy, and the Talon Winchester is a similar model that offers to protect a height up to 16 inches.  This height is generally more than enough to protect against virtually any snake attack, since the far majority of venomous snake bites occur below the knees.

So just what sets Pro Line apart from the competition?

Pro Line Snake Boots attempt to strike that fine balance between reasonable comfort and reasonable cost, and aim for the middle road.  Speaking in terms of snake proof boots for hunting, there are other brands providing a better product.  In terms of snake proof boots that still look fashionable, there are still other brands that provide a more stylish boot.  With a greater degree of specialization comes a greater increase in price.

Pro Line might appear a touch pricey at first, but when you compare it to many other snake boots it actually ends up being pretty middle of the road. They can keep their prices lower by providing a decent, waterproof, snake proof boot that isn’t the fanciest or the flashiest on the market but it is stunningly effective as a hunting boot, which is what matters the most. This is especially true for swamp and wetland type areas.

In other words, if you’re hunting during a dry spell in the Rocky Mountains then this might not be the best boot since the rubber is more of a base design for wetlands. Other padded designs work better in those situations, like the type you might find designed by Danner boots, instead. However, even Danner is going to struggle with Pro Line when it comes to creating outstanding hunting boots for turkey hunting in the South, or pheasants in Midwestern wetlands.

What you should remember about snake proof boots

No matter what brand of snake proof boots are being looked at, a few considerations can be applied universally.  First, try the boots on in a store, or find an internet seller that is willing to exchange the boots if the wrong size is selected.  Remember in sizing to try the boots on with the same type of socks that will typically be worn.  Women may have a difficult time finding a good fit, since many boot manufacturers carry only men’s sizes.

The second thing to keep in mind is the warranty.  While snake proof boots will likely remain snake proof, other defects may emerge such as bad seams that cause an otherwise waterproof boot to leak.  Like many other types of purchases, determining the quality of snake proof boots is a matter of personal taste, and Pro Line snake boots may strike the balance between quality and cost to make for a good pair that will work reliably for most hunters during hunting season – however taking all the extra steps to make sure they’re a good fit is important.

Any hunter who has gone out with boots that were too tight, too loose, or not warm enough (or not waterproof) understands the unpleasantness and the consequences that come with not having the right pair of boots. Do a little bit of research and see if any of these particular brands are right for you.

Never forget other options

Don’t be discouraged if you hear about these great anti snake bite hunting boots via positive word of mouth and then find yourself struggling to find Pro Line, Reaper, or Talon Winchester footwear. Over the past decade, there have been many times when a company would make a really great pair of these specialty boots for a couple of years to test out getting a piece of the market, but then slowly withdrawal or move onto something else. If you can’t find a pair of these boots that satisfy you, don’t forget to look at options from:

Thanks for reading, and good look on finding that perfect pair of hunting footwear before your next major hunt!

Just What Exactly Are Mossy Oak Snake Boots?

Just What Exactly Are Mossy Oak Snake Boots?

Rocky Mossy Oak Snake Proof Boots
Classic example of the mossy oak pattern, this time courtesy of Rocky snake proof boots. Click HERE to look at purchasing these safely through

While Mossy Oak Snake Boots may sound like a particular brand name, the Mossy Oak actually refers to the pattern of camouflage offered with the boots.  This design is extremely popular with hunters who want that perfect bit of clothing to help blend in during the hunt without giving up strong lower leg protection from a possible snake bite. Mossy oak = the name of the design, not the actual company name.

In fact, there are many very different companies that produce this specialized piece of hooting footwear that have these types of woodland designs, including but not limited to: Lacrosse, Danner, Chippewa, Rocky, Talone, and more! These are very different companies, yet they  are just some of the snake proof boot brand names that carry Mossy Oak hunting boot pattern, and this specific Mossy Oak design provides a variety of camouflage patterns. One isn’t necessarily any better than the others: the key is simply understanding what the point of the design is and creating one that blends with your average woodland area.

So what exactly is behind this popular hunting boot design?

There are many different methods of locating these boots.  Direct from a manufacturer’s website, online shopping hubs, online auctions sites, or retailers both online and in-store will likely carry some variety of this pattern. They may vary from one pair of snake proof hunting boots to another, but a pattern like this doesn’t need to be exact from one boot to another: it simply needs to blend in with the surrounding area you’ll be hunting in. After all, talking about a mossy oak design means you’re basically talking about camouflage hunting boots – not a specific brand name.

Generally speaking, anything considered “Mossy Oak” provides several different types of camouflage fabric. In fact, this is a descriptive design you can find with everything from Mossy Oak jackets and pants to camouflage purses, dresses, and other accessories that come up for that niche fashion group. This is why you can find a wide array of clothing options that combine with Mossy Oak snake boots for the full head to toe effect.

Rubber mossy oak hunting boots
A great example of the mossy oak hunting boot design – this one mostly rubber. Click HERE to check exceptional anti snake hunting boots on

What do these camo hunting boot patterns have in common?

While Mossy Oak boots for hunting are always camo boots, that doesn’t mean the opposite is necessarily true. Not all camouflage fabric designs are going to be Mossy Oak, but the MO designs are going to be camo in nature. One of the most distinctive traits is an actual breakup pattern that has that design low and high, with your basic rubber protection or frame of design in the middle. It’s still meant to be a similar color, but at the same time there is that break in design. When looking specifically at camo snake proof boots for hunters, there are a lot of options.

This includes mossy oak boot designs that hunters appreciate from:

  • Danner boots
  • Lacrosse boots
  • Rocky boots
  • Talone boots
  • RedHead boots
  • Justin boots
  • Chippewa boots

So what’s the best option? Honestly, it can vary a lot from one model to another. However the big thing to remember is that good camo design and the ability to truly be snake bite resistant are the most important criteria for any type of outdoor boot. That being said, when you’re shopping specifically for snake boots, the camouflage pattern is simply one criteria in determining which brand and model of snake boot to settle on.  For people simply hiking through snake territory, camouflage is not likely to rank highly on their list of criteria since the rest of the clothing may not be camouflaged.  For hunters, this may rank quite highly.

A touch of Mossy Oak design history

The Mossy Oak breakup pattern emerged in 1996, and as printing technologies and computer enhancements have advanced, so too has the quality of the camouflage.  Computer technology has remarkably improved the digitally created backgrounds including bark, leaves, oak branches, and ghost shadows.  Advances in printing technology have translated these enhancements into realistic, three-dimensional illusions on two-dimensional fabric.

Because the Mossy Oak camouflage pattern caters to hunters, Mossy Oak snake boots can often be found with other features that cater to a hunter’s needs of remaining undetected.  First off, the soles of the boots are specifically engineered to dampen sound, to improve the effectiveness of stalking prey.  Another unique feature is fabric that is designed to block distinctly human scents.  Features are included to prevent excessive sweating, the cause of odor-forming bacteria, which might not be necessary for hunting, but it sure makes life quite a bit easier and a bit more pleasant when out of the field and back in home.

The best of these Mossy Oak snake boots will be waterproof, and like other high quality snake proof boots provide high-length protection, flexibility in the ankles, and padded insoles to provide foot comfort for hours of extended use.

Are Mossy Oak Snake Proof Boots Limited to One Company?
The answer to this is a rather emphatic “No.” While there might be some arguments over whether or not one particular model or style is the “official” Mossy Oak camouflage design, this style of snake proof hunting boot is available from a wide number of companies, or at least something comparable that can offer the same level of overall results. When you’re looking for the ideal pair of hunting boots that will also keep the fangs of any angry or surprised venomous snakes from making contact with your skin, look for comfort and quality first.

The mossy oak pattern can be found in a number of hunting boot designs and so you shouldn’t have any problem finding a quality pair that works for you.

For more information on the Mossy Oak boot design you can read more at:

Company offers hundreds of mossy oak designs on their camo gear for hunters:

Company embracing the Mossy Oak brand:

Mossy oak according to Wikipedia:

Introducing Danner Snake Proof Boots

Introducing Danner Snake Proof Boots

Danner snake proof boots
A fine example of one of the most popular styles of Danner’s high quality snake proof hunting boots.

Though Danner snake boots are first and foremost designed and manufactured to prevent snake fangs from penetrating into the foot, ankle, or lower leg of  a hunter or a hiker, these boots exhibit a level of pride and craftsmanship that makes these boots versatile in virtually any wilderness territory, regardless of whether or not there are snakes present.  The upfront costs for these specialty snake boots are high, but when they are extended over the length of the life of the boot, the initial price really does represent a long-term investment.  It’s also important to remember that they aren’t just boots for protection, but they also represent high-end hunting boots that can be used season after season.

These hunting boots have a very well deserved reputation for holding up in the harshest of conditions and providing warmth, comfort, and the all-important level of protection you want from any venomous snake strike. Danner hunting boots are considered some of the best on the market for good reason.

You can check out the boots to the right here on Amazon.

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Yes, Snake Boot Reviews Is Back!

Yes, Snake Boot Reviews Is Back!

This has been a long time in coming, but it’s good to finally be back online! Right now the site is bare bones simple, and that’s fine. You came here to find the best and most thorough snake boot reviews online, and that’s exactly what this site is here to provide for you. After all, if you’re like me you’re tired of fake reviews, or search engine results that give you 10 Amazon results.

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