Introducing Danner Snake Proof Boots

Introducing Danner Snake Proof Boots

Danner snake proof boots
A fine example of one of the most popular styles of Danner’s high quality snake proof hunting boots.

Though Danner snake boots are first and foremost designed and manufactured to prevent snake fangs from penetrating into the foot, ankle, or lower leg of  a hunter or a hiker, these boots exhibit a level of pride and craftsmanship that makes these boots versatile in virtually any wilderness territory, regardless of whether or not there are snakes present.  The upfront costs for these specialty snake boots are high, but when they are extended over the length of the life of the boot, the initial price really does represent a long-term investment.  It’s also important to remember that they aren’t just boots for protection, but they also represent high-end hunting boots that can be used season after season.

These hunting boots have a very well deserved reputation for holding up in the harshest of conditions and providing warmth, comfort, and the all-important level of protection you want from any venomous snake strike. Danner hunting boots are considered some of the best on the market for good reason.

You can check out the boots to the right here on Amazon.

Many of the snake proof boots by Danner will start in the $200 range, but if the boot serves its owner for 5 or 10 years, then they really are worth their money.  Aside from that, these high-quality hunting boots need to only stop one angry water moccasin or rattlesnake to pay for themselves in pain and medical expenses incurred by a venomous snake bite. This is where it really pays to look at the big picture versus trying to cheap out. Why go for something that might work or might be good when you can combine extremely high quality waterproof hunting boots with full snake protection. Should any of us really be surprised at just how popular Danner snake boots have become?

What are the most popular Danner boot styles?

While this can definitely change from year to year, as of this writing there are three main styles that make up the overwhelming number of new Danner snake boots. Those are the Pronghorn, Jackal, and Steadfast styles of hunting boots. This throws a few people off since there is a ton of talk all about the major Danner boots usually involve Gore Tex (also commonly abbreviated as GTX) isn’t a style in and of itself but an important material built into each of the major pair of boots. There’s a reason that Gore Tex is talked about whenever outdoor footwear is brought up. It is extremely effective at being waterproof, flexible, and warm – all the things that hunters worry about for foot comfort when they spend long afternoons out hunting.

The short list of boots that are snake bite resistant from this company include:

  • Danner Men’s Pronghorn Snake Side-Zip Hunting Boots
  • Danner Men’s Jackal II 45764 Hunting Boots
  • Danner Men’s Steadfast Snake 17 Inch Hunting Boots
  • Danner Men’s Pronghorn 18 Inch Snake Boots

Eventually we’ll have individual reviews for each and every one of these specific boots, but for now if you want to take a brief rundown of what each of these high end boots have to offer, we won’t be too upset if you decide to check out the Amazon offerings HERE.

What are some of the benefits of going with Danner?

Traditionally, the majority of all snake bites occur below the knees, so the first thing Danner snake boots provide is an 18-inch guard from knee to toe protection.  Nylon, leather, and Gore-Tex are the three main components of Danner snake boots.  For hunters, the leather is dyed in camouflage.

Since the leather is dyed through and through, the camouflage will not scuff or wear off.  The Gore-Tex provides that excellent breathable, waterproof protection that has virtually become the industry standard in protecting against sweat and moisture.  The foot of the boot is designed to achieve an athletic feel, with a deep padded insole to prevent the pain of breaking the boots in.

While these boots are near perfect by many standards, the customer reviews tell all.  These reviews can be vital in securing or detracting potential customers.  Though Danner snake boots perform well in a variety of terrain and water conditions, consumers will still call it as they see it.  One common complaint about the Danner snake boots is that they are not completely waterproof.  With the amount of flex and mobility provided around the ankles it is speculated that water can seep through around the ankles.

Women face the common problem of sizing issues, especially if their legs are slender from the knee down.  Perhaps the loudest complaint, and something that is a consideration for some, is that these boots are manufactured in China, not the USA.

Knowing that not everyone will have the luck of buying the perfect boot on their first attempt, Danner does provide a simple return policy if the boots are not a good fit, and their boots do come with a warranty.  The bottom line is that Danner snake boots have a reputation of providing good support with good flexibility, and building a boot that can stand to a variety of rugged, outdoor terrains.

In Conclusion

There’s a reason that Danner doesn’t have to produce a huge number of different boots for hunters, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. They focus on creating only a few styles, but those styles are famous for being on the high end. When a buyer is looking for the absolute best hunting boots that also offer snake protection, then this is when you take a serious look at what the Danner company has to offer.

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