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About Us

Diamondback rattlesnake coiledFirst off
, I want to let everyone know that I am not associated with any specific snake boot company, manufacturer, store, or any other type of business that has an economic interest in promoting a specific brand. Basically I learned about snake boots because I love the outdoors and I love exploring environments I’m not familiar with – including thick timbers, swamp, desert, etc. But I’m also terrified of small snakes – much less large venomous ones. When I first learned that there were outdoor boots designed to stop the fangs of any North American snake, that was something I had to look up right away!

Phobias being what they are, I’m still likely to freak out at the tell-tale rattle or the sound of a snake’s head suddenly striking my boot – but I’m a lot less worried about being outdoors and can enjoy myself more. When it comes to loving the outdoors but wanting that mental peace and physical protection from snakes, I figured I couldn’t be the only one out there.

What was even more frustrating was seeing that every review online about snake boots was a thinly veiled sales letter or they were on Amazon. To all search engines out there: I know about Amazon.com. I don’t need your help to find them. I want a more in depth review than “Good” or “Not good.” Come on, now, it shouldn’t be that hard to find some decent reviews!

That’s what I’m hoping to roll out here. Outdoor enthusiast, hiker, wilderness wanderer, Eagle Scout – but not a huge snake fan. Here is a place where you will have an opportunity to buy snake protection in the form of snake proof boots, but you will get full reviews of brands, specific boots, and everything else you need to know to decide if you’re making the right decision or not.

As a final note: we do run advertisements on here to help pay for the expenses of hosting, design, and of course, reviews. We do this through the use of Google AdSense and the Amazon Associates program.

You can view the Google AdSense TOS or the operating agreement for Amazon Associates. While this site does not collect your personal data for any reason, I’m obligated to inform you (via FTC rules) that Google and Amazon may collect basic browsing information via cookies.