Introducing Danner Snake Proof Boots

Danner snake proof bootsThough Danner snake boots are first and foremost designed and manufactured to prevent snake fangs from penetrating into the foot, ankle, or lower leg of  a hunter or a hiker, these boots exhibit a level of pride and craftsmanship that makes these boots versatile in virtually any wilderness territory, regardless of whether or not there are snakes present.  The upfront costs for these specialty snake boots are high, but when they are extended over the length of the life of the boot, the initial price really does represent a long-term investment.  It’s also important to remember that they aren’t just boots for protection, but they also represent high-end hunting boots that can be used season after season. You can check out the boots to the right here on Amazon.

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Yes, Snake Boot Reviews Is Back!

This has been a long time in coming, but it’s good to finally be back online! Right now the site is bare bones simple, and that’s fine. You came here to find the best and most thorough snake boot reviews online, and that’s exactly what this site is here to provide for you. After all, if you’re like me you’re tired of fake reviews, or search engine results that give you 10 Amazon results. Continue reading Yes, Snake Boot Reviews Is Back!